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 Riverview School District

School Calendar 2013-2014


Aug 12 Mon Teacher Inservice at Riverview Schools
Aug 13 Tues Teacher Inservice at Riverview Schools
Aug 14 Wed Teacher Inservice at Riverview Schools
Aug 15 Thurs Teacher Work Day and Meetings (1PM-5PM)
Aug 15 Thurs Open House/Annual Report to Public (6PM-8PM)
Aug 19 Mon 1st Day of School
Sept 02 Mon Labor Day Holiday
Sept 26 Thurs Parent/Teacher Conferences
Oct 18 Fri End of 1st Quarter (44 days)
Nov 27-29 Wed\Thurs\Fri Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 20 Fri End of 2nd Quarter (42 days)
Dec 23-Jan 03   Christmas Vacation
Jan 06 Mon Start of Spring Semester
Jan 20 Mon Martin Luther King Holiday
Feb 13 Thurs Parent/Teacher Conferences
Feb 14 Fri *Snow Day
March 14 Fri End of 3rd Quarter (48 days)
March 24-28 All Week Spring Break
April 18 Fri *Snow Day
May 09 Fri Graduation
May 23 Wed Last Day of School (End of 4th Quarter 44 days)



*Two days are built into the calendar for inclement weather.

There will be 9 early release dates in the School Calendar for 2013-14 to be used for collaboration/ ACSIP/ Common Core/ all focused on improving student achievement.  The activities on these dates will be determined by the district administration after collaborating with building administration and instructional facilitators.  The dates are as follows

September  11, October  2,  November  13, December  11, January  15, February  5,  March 5, April 2,   and April 30


There are 4 days (24 hrs) of mandatory inservice at the start of school and 4 days (24 hrs) of mandatory TESS training at Riverview.  Six (6 ) hours of technology and 2 hours of parental involvement are included in the TESS training.  The remaining 12 hrs of professional development must be approved by the building principal.