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Welcome to the Riverview School District        Home of the Raiders!!!!                            


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Welcome to Riverview Judsonia Campus

Judsonia Elementary Faculty


Penney Benson Kindergarten pbenson@raider.k12.ar.us
Ginger Parker Kindergarten gparker@raider.k12.ar.us 
Jessica Hoofman Kindergarten jhoofman@raider.k12.ar.us
Tonya Walls 1st Grade twalls@raider.k12.ar.us
Krystal Bonds 1st Grade kbonds@raider.k12.ar.us
Sarah Johnson 1st Grade sjjohnson@raider.k12.ar.us
Susan Layrock 2nd Grade slayrock@raider.k12.ar.us 
Lesa Lloyd 2nd Grade lloyd@raider.k12.ar.us
Judy Perry 2nd Grade jperry@raider.k12.ar.us
Becky Williams 3rd Grade bwilliams@raider.k12.ar.us
Michelle Roach 3rd Grade mroach@raider.k12.ar.us
Callie Pigg 3rd Grade cpigg@raider.k12.ar.us
Dena Jones 4th Grade djones@raider.k12.ar.us 
Jenny Thompson 4th Grade jthompson@raider.k12.ar.us
Tracy Ball 5th Grade tball@raider.k12.ar.us
Marsha Green 5th Grade mgreen@raider.k12.ar.us
Randy Kiihnl 6th Grade rkiihnl@raider.k12.ar.us
Cindy McMullen 6th Grade cmcmullen@raider.k12.ar.us
Suzanne Bennett Media Specialist sbennett@raider.k12.ar.us   
Tat Sims Resource tsims@raider.k12.ar.us  
Beverly Roland Resource broland@raider.k12.ar.us
Alicia Bridges Resource abridges@raider.k12.ar.us
Paula Benton Phys. Ed. pbenton@raider.k12.ar.us
Donna Felty Lit. Coach dfelty@raider.k12.ar.us
Beth Cummings Math Coach bcummings@raider.k12.ar.us
Kim Barnum GT kbarnum@raider.k12.ar.us
Pat Jones Reading pjones@raider.k12.ar.us
MaryAnn Jackson Speech mjackson@raider.k12.ar.us
Jeanette Hendry Music jhendry@raider.k12.ar.us 
Kimbra Johnson Art kjohnson@raider.k12.ar.us
Terry Gaskin Lab Facilitator tgaskin@raider.k12.ar.us
Patsy Blackwood Nurse pblackwood@raider.k12.ar.us
Sarah Bennett Aide sabennett@raider.k12.ar.us
Hope Langley Aide hlangley@raider.k12.ar.us
Lisa Lee Aide llee@raider.k12.ar.us
Renee Rollins Aide rrollins@raider.k12.ar.us
Judy Shaw Aide jshaw@raider.k12.ar.us
Lori Trickey Aide ltrickey@raider.k12.ar.us
Aimee Freppon Aide afreppon@raider.k12.ar.us
Stephanie Hill Aide shill2@raider.k12.ar.us
Brittney Rice Aide brice@raider.k12.ar.us
Amanda Meeks Pre-K ameeks@raider.k12.ar.us
Brittany Allen Pre-K ballen@raider.k12.ar.us

Judsonia Elementary Staff

Mary Robinson-Manager Food Service mrobinson@raider.k12.ar.us
Loretta Noble Food Service
Angie Bennett Food Service
Lendel Dutton Food Service
Danny Ervin Custodian
Michelle Heavener Custodian mheavener@raider.k12.ar.us







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