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Title I School Parental Involvement Policy

RIVERVIEW- Jr. High School


Title I regulations require that each school served under Title I jointly develop with and distribute to parents of participating children, a written parental involvement policy agreed on by the parents that describes the requirements of (c) through (f) as listed below and outlined in Title I law:



Each school served under this part shall –


1.    Convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which all parents of participating children shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to inform parents of their school’s participation under this part and to explain the requirements of this part, and the right of the parents to be involved;

This meeting will be held prior (same day) as parent teacher conferences and will take place in the Jr./Sr. High School Cafeteria.  During this forum the chairman of the prior year Parental Involvement Committee and committee members will be available to disseminate Parental Policy information to the participating parents.


2. Offer a flexible number of meetings, such as meetings in the morning or evening, and may provide, with funds provided under this part, transportation, child care, or home visits, as such services relate to parental involvement;

Parental involvement meetings will be offered each quarter, with alternating time frames to vary between morning, afternoon, and evening.  Transportation will be furnished to parents of the Riverview Junior High School upon request.   Child care will be provided by the Riverview FCCLA and costs for this service will be covered through allotted funding.


3. Involve parents, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of programs under this part, including planning, review, and improvement of the school parental involvement policy;

                             a. Maintain a Parental Involvement Committee.

                             b. Include a Parent Involvement Coordinator

4. Provide parents of participating children –

I. timely information about programs under this part;

ii. a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet; and

iii. if requested by parents, opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children, and respond to any such suggestions as soon as practically possible.


a.    The school will provide parents with (newsletters, pamphlets, calendars, and make local media announcements).

b.    School curriculum and plan will be made available to parents.


5. If the school wide program plan is not satisfactory to the parents of participating children, submit any parent comments on the plan when the school makes the plan available to the local educational agency.


Questions or concerns of unsatisfactory items in the school wide program may be submitted in writing to the principal who will inform the Parental Involvement Committee.  The committee will then assess and review submitted concerns.



As a component of the school-level parental involvement policy, each school shall jointly develop with parents for all children served under this part a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.

a.    Parental involvement committee will meet quarterly to review and modify plan and develop a parent compact agreement that will be signed to show that the school is providing educational opportunities in the students best interests.



To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among the school involved, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, each school and local educational agency assisted under this part –


a. Shall provide assistance to the parents of children served by the school or local educational agency, as appropriate, in understanding such topics as the State’s academic content standards and State student academic achievement standards, State and local academic assessments, the requirements of this part, and how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children;


a.    Maintain a Career Action Plan (caps) program to give parents an opportunity to be involved in their child’s scheduling process. 


b.    Shall provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s’ achievement, such as literacy training and using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement; Quarterly meetings shall be held in order to provide training to help parents work with their children to improve achievement.

c. Shall educate teachers, pupil services personnel, principals, and other staff, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents, and in how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs, and build ties between parents and the school;


Provide educators with professional development opportunities involving parental involvement.  Two hours of required each year for teachers and 3 hours for administrators.



d. Shall, to the extent feasible and appropriate, coordinate and integrate parent involvement programs and activities with Head Start, Reading First, Early Reading First, Even Start, the Home Instruction Programs for Preschool Youngsters, the Parents as Teachers Program, and public preschool and other programs, and conduct other activities, such as parent resource centers, that encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children;


          A Parent Resource Center is available in the Riverview High School library.


e. Shall ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the parents of participating children in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language parents can understand;


Information related to school and parent programs, meetings and other activities will be sent home, published in the local newspaper, and displayed on the local marquee.  Parents will be offered information in an appropriate language as practical.


f. May involve parents in the development of training for teachers, principals, and other educators to improve the effectiveness of such training;


 g. May provide necessary literacy training from funds received under this part if the district has exhausted all other reasonably available sources of funding for such training;


h. May pay reasonable and necessary expenses associated with local parental involvement activities, including transportation and child care costs, to enable parents to participate in school-related meetings and training sessions;


i. May train parents to enhance the involvement of other parents;


j. May arrange school meetings at a variety of times, or conduct in-home conferences between teachers or other educators, who work directly with participating children, with parents who are unable to attend such conferences at school, in order to maximize parental involvement and participation;


k. May adopt and implement model approaches to improving parental involvement;


l. May establish a district parent advisory council to provide advice on all matters related to parental involvement in programs supported under this section;


m. May develop appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent involvement activities; and


n. Shall provide such other reasonable support for parental involvement activities under this as parents may request.


a.    Continue a “WATCH DOGS” program at the high school.

b.    Continue a “HOFNOD” program at the high school.



In carrying out the parental involvement requirements of this part, districts and schools, to the extent practicable, shall provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with children with limited English proficiency, parents with children with disabilities, and parents of migratory children, including providing information and school reports in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language such parents can understand.

The district employs an identified ELL person and aide to address needs of limited English proficient students.  The district also identifies and employs a migrate aide that meets the needs of the parents and children of migratory families.  A district and school 504 person is identified to meet the needs of parents with children with disabilities.




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